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SDEA Navigator
SDEA Navigator
SDEA Navigator

What is the SDEA Navigator?

The SDEA Navigator is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to precisely measure the operational efficiency of datacenter and IT infrastructure. As the digital landscape evolves and demands on datacenters increase, energy consumption and environmental impacts become critical concerns. The SDEA Navigator addresses these issues by offering an integrated platform to measure and optimize energy efficiency and carbon footprint effectively.

What does the SDEA Navigator include?

The SDEA Navigator provides a full-stack assessment of a datacenter's energy efficiency and environmental impact – and consists of three unique calculators that can be used either individually or combined as an integrated index:

  • DC Efficiency Index: An enhanced PUE metric that also includes heat recovery or on-premise renewables.

  • IT Efficiency Index: Evaluates the operational efficiency of IT infrastructure, focusing on utilization and technology excellence.

  • Carbon Footprint: Factors in emissions from incoming energy sources.

How do I use the SDEA Navigator?

To utilize the SDEA Navigator, start by creating an account on You can open unlimited dashboards to enter your KPIs, which the Navigator then uses to calculate your efficiency metrics. These metrics provide detailed insights into the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the DC or IT infrastructure. If you achieve a desirable efficiency outcome and wish to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, each dashboard can seamlessly transition into a certification with SDEA Label.

SDEA Navigator

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