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Step 2 - KPI Calculation and Audit (draft)

Our team has invested months into developing a unique tool to calculate energy efficiency KPIs for datacenters. In order to test your instance’s energy efficiency, you will receive the KPI Tool (pending application invoice payment) to test your instances’ measures. The resulting index should be compared to our published thresholds below to determine eligibility and level of certification (base and premium variant).

As a reminder, the KPI Factsheet provides an overview of the classification of KPIs into IT infrastructure, DC infrastructure and ingress energy sources.

The thresholds (updated November 2020)

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Certification Process

The SDEA certification process provides a streamlined pathway for applicants to measure their datacenter's or IT stack's efficiency and get recognized for their commitment to sustainable operations.

Here's everything you need to begin your application for SDEA Label. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time.

Step 1 - Account Creation & Navigator Setup

Begin by creating an account in the SDEA Navigator and setting up one or multiple dashboards, one for each certification application. Each dashboard gives you unlimited access to all three calculators to evaluate your DC's or IT's efficiency across various parameters.


Detailed documentation will be made available to you in the SDEA Navigator upon registration.

Step 2 - KPI Calculation & Audit

The SDEA Navigator assesses vital efficiency markers for DCs or IT stacks. The KPI Factsheet offers clarity on these metrics, segmented into into IT infrastructure, DC infrastructure and ingress energy sources. With all relevant data entered, review your results on the dashboard to ensure they reflect your operational reality – and then click "certify" to launch the certification process. 

You will then need to choose the scope for which the certification applies. Certifications are applicable to one of the three scopes described below: 


  • DC Infrastructure Only: Here, the owner offers DC infrastructure for others to utilize for their IT infrastructure. To promote the efficiency of the DC infrastructure, the owner can seek a label exclusively for the DC infrastructure. 

  • DC Instance: In this scenario, either a single owner possesses both the DC and IT infrastructure and can apply for them together, or an IT infrastructure owner is hosted by an already certified SDEA DC Infrastructure datacenter. 

  • IT Infrastructure Only: This option is designed for owners of IT Infrastructure – both on-premise and in a colocation DC – seeking independent certification. Only the IT-specific KPIs will be taken into account.

Certification demands precise details about the size and location of the instance, with independent verification during the audit.

To attain certification, you must meet or fall below certain thresholds, with additional requirements for the premium variant, available for "DC Instance" or "DC Infrastructure Only":

Label Thresholds

Label Thresholds

After submitting their KPIs, applicants must consult an independent auditor. The audit process includes validation of KPIs measured by applicants and utilized in the SDEA Navigator to determine efficiency and emissions indices for a DC Instance, DC Infrastructure, or IT Infrastructure.

The Certification Guide, provided to the applicant at the beginning of the certification process, includes a list of auditors to select from.

Step 3 - Validation & Certification

Upon receipt of the auditor's report, the SDEA board will evaluate the application and decide on certification approval and the level to be assigned.


If approved, the applicant will be notified via email and sent a labeling invoice, followed by a labeling toolkit and usage guidelines. 

The label is valid for three years. A one-time fee for the rights to use and communicate the label is charged for this period. 

Label & Certification Costs

The label has costs that vary based on the type of structure certified. For a detailed breakdown of costs, please send a request, including your company's name and the type and size of the structure to be certified, to

SDEA operates as a non-profit organization. Our primary goal is to promote sustainability within datacenters. All fees are allocated to cover operational costs, label development, and initiatives that further our mission.

Start Your Journey Towards Measurable Sustainability

Certifcation process
Certified companies

Certified Companies

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