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SIX receives SDEA SILVER Plus for their Datacenter in Zurich

The Hardturmstrasse facility is among the leaders in sustainable datacenter operation in Switzerland.

An illustration of the SDEA Efficiency Label "SILVER Plus"

The Swiss Datacenter Efficiency Association and SIX are delighted to announce that the Hardturmstrasse datacenter has received a DC Infrastructure label SDEA SILVER Plus. The label rewards best in class in sustainable datacenter operation. SILVER Plus indicates high efficiency in housing infrastructure for IT equipment and low emissions from the source of electricity.

With the recent volatility in the energy markets and unprecedented high temperatures around the world, the topic of datacenter operation efficiency and emissions has attracted much attention. The SDEA label serves as a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by quantifying the efficiency and emissions of their datacenters.

"The SDEA SILVER Plus label is a great confirmation of our work" Marco Killer, Head Real Estate Management, SIX

“The SDEA SILVER Plus label is a great confirmation of our work”, says Marco Killer, Head Real Estate Management, SIX. “With the renovations and modernization of the technical infrastructure in recent years, we have been able to make a major contribution to sustainable data center operations at SIX and significantly reduce emissions. We are proud of the result.”

"SIX has distinctly showcased their unwavering commitment to efficient datacenter operation" Babak Falsafi, President of SDEA

This sentiment is echoed by Babak Falsafi, President of SDEA. He emphasizes, “By achieving our label, SIX has not only distinctly showcased their leadership but also their unwavering commitment to sustainability and efficient datacenter operation.”


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