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SIX Reaches Milestone with First SDEA Label for Full-Stack Efficiency

The Zurich facility is the first Swiss datacenter to be awarded the holistic SDEA label in the DC Instance category – for an efficient datacenter infrastructure and efficient IT.

An illustration of the SDEA Efficiency Label "SILVER Plus"

The Swiss Datacenter Efficiency Association has awarded SIX the first SDEA Label DC Instance. The Hardturmstrasse facility has achieved the BRONZE Plus label, signifying high efficiency and low emissions in both its datacenter and IT operations. Assessing IT efficiency poses a notable challenge due to its complex, dynamic nature and its critical impact on overall energy consumption and emissions. By overcoming this challenge, SIX is setting new standards in the Swiss IT landscape as the first company to be recognized for both an efficient DC and IT infrastructure.

"We are delighted to have received this label for our IT infrastructure. It reinforces our commitment to sustainability and innovation," says Marco Killer, Head of Real Estate Management at SIX.

"This label reinforces our commitment to sustainability and innovation" Marco Killer, Head Real Estate Management, SIX

SDEA President Babak Falsafi adds: "With the full-stack certification of their datacenter, SIX is setting a new standard in the industry. They are not only demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, but also their willingness to be a leader in the Swiss IT landscape.

"SIX is setting a new standard in the industry" Babak Falsafi, President, SDEA

The full-stack certification of the SIX datacenter marks a significant milestone in the sustainable development of the Swiss datacenter industry – and the vision that by combining ecological responsibility with technical excellence, new standards can be set for the industry.


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